Happy New Year! Secret to Manifesting a New Reality...

I am so grateful for your support! Wishes for a new year filled with abundance of blessings. Last Friday, my friends and I had a fun fire "ceremony" on the beach to usher in the new year - burning a list of things to release and a list of things to welcome in for 2021.

In this newsletter, I want to share a little secret for Manifesting... And it is this:

Manifesting is an inside job.

For everything you see around you in reality was co-created within you first. In order for reality to shift on the outside, you need to look fearlessly within you, and take inventory of what it is that needs to be shifted and be released - i.e., any old habits, thought patterns, emotional reactions, associations, whatever you spend time doing that makes you feel "safe" but not "empowering"...

Is something you see in reality (e.g., on the news) triggering you? Instead of merely looking to blame others for what's happening, it may be constructive to also look inside and ask "What triggers me so much about this, and what can I do to create more peace internally with myself?"

What parts of my self are conflicting and are in need to be integrated into wholeness?

Being open and just allowing things to happen feels good, but to manifest true contentment takes work and courage to look at what truly needs to change within ourselves and does not feel so good. But true awakening is worthwhile.

Allowing ourselves to shine light on what has been hidden and surrendering to the emotions of those experiences, we are able to then integrate the parts of ourselves we previously rejected so that we may become whole - fully awake to a unified self. This is the place we need to be in order to manifest a reality in alignment with who we really are.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Would you like some guidance in manifesting your true desires? Contact me to set up a 15-min no obligation call and see if I may assist you.

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