"Go your own way." - Fleetwood Mac

At age 19, I was working as a Blackjack dealer in a Casino in Canada. I told my co-workers I was going to law school. They laughed and said "Why leave the casino? It's really hard to get into law school."

I decided, I will go my own way.

When I realized that working for law firms would not allow me the personal time necessary to develop my spiritual practice, I decided to open my own law firm. Other lawyers said, "you won't be able to get any business for years on your own."

My law firm's business flourished within a year. I created my own way.

Certain people in my life find that it's "weird" for me to be practicing healing and law at the same time.

I chose, to be my own way.

At the end of 2020, others will tell you it was a trying year, or a difficult year, and to brace yourselves for uncertain times. While we must remain compassionate for others' suffering and extend a helping hand when the opportunities arise - we do not let our souls shine any less in light of what's happening on the outside. On the contrary, you need to shine more to continue to inspire others with hope.

Remember, you always have the Sovereign Divine right of Free Will to choose what is true for you. The world is always a reflection of our inner plane. Forget what others taught you to be true - trust the voice of your heart and allow you to be the vessel of expression for your soul's song.

"You can go your own way."

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