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Quantum Healing / Spiritual Hypnosis

​As a Certified Life Between Lives and Licensed Wellpoint Hypnosis™ Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner, I will guide you through a session by helping you to relax so that together we can access the wisdom of your Higher Self/Soul.

These sessions are especially empowering and deviates from traditional hypnotherapy methods because you connect to and receive specific and relevant higher guidance directly from your Higher Self/Soul Consciousness.  From your Higher Self/Soul, you will also receive direct healing and release any blocks.

What does your Soul need right now?  Let me facilitate your discovery process. 

Quantum Hypnosis Takes Place Remotely: These sessions are just as powerful and trans-formative as an in-person session and is a way to provide a more affordable option for clients.  In each session we will try to answer multiple questions and heal long-standing issues.

A recording is included so that you can return to the information you brought forth from the Unified Field or Higher Self. This information is good to return to after you’ve integrated the session.

Watch the Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ session of a Past Life Regression Journey: 

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Multidimensional Energy Healing Method

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